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Summary of use

Sterile homogenizer also called flap type homogenate, widely used in animal tissues, biological sample homogeneous processing, etc. In food, medicine, cosmetics, clinical, molecular, toxin and bacteria detection field can be used, especially suitable for microbial samples. The product adopts stainless steel system, which can effectively separate samples of solid surface and microbial that inside . Samples package with a sterile homogeneous bag, no touch with the instrument, Has the following characteristics: Homogeneous soft, no pollution, no damage, no heating up, do not need sterilization processing, don't need to clean the machine. This product is also suitable for tumor tissue (such as liver cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer) .Within two minutes can get a large number of single cells( 2*105), when necessary, can broken tissue cells through extended time.


  1. Model: TR-ZX-12
  2. Timing: 0-9999S
  3. Flap speed: 0-15 times/s
  4. Programme: Can be set arbitrary parameter combination
  5. Data memory: Can save 10 sets of data
  6. Range of temperature: Room-50c
  7. Setting range: Room-60c
  8. Disinfection function: Yes
  9. Chamber: Stainless steel
  10. Aseptic Bag: 30X17CM
  11. Capacity: 3-400ml
  12. Pause function: Yes
  13. Net weight: 16.5kg
  14. Flap Interval: 0-50mm
  15. Voltage: 110V/60HZ, 220V /50HZ
  16. Power: 500W
  17. Overall dimension: 420X245X340mm

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